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What other amenities are available?
For your convenience, we have the following on the faire grounds:
Rest rooms
Handicapped Rest rooms
Water Fountains
First Aid (located next to the Royal Kitchen)
Lost & Found (located at the Front Gate)

Is the Faire wheelchair accessible?
Yes, with the understanding that we are an outdoor event. We are in an open area with concrete walk ways.  However, some areas are on the grass.   It is best to have a strong friend available to help you push your chair if yours is not motorized. 

Do you have push wheelchairs,  motorized wheelchairs or scooters?
Sadly, we do not have any push wheel chairs, motorized chairs or scooters at this time.

May we bring a pet?
Pets are not permitted. Service animals are welcome. Service animals are defined as any guide dog, signal dog (e.g., a “hearing dog”), or other animal individually trained to do work or provide assistance to an individual with a disability.

May I distribute free items at RFO?
Please do not. RFO partners with numerous charities and advertisers each and every year. To distribute other materials on site is in violation of our no-soliciting rule. 

Can I leave the Faire and come back in?
Yes, you can ask for a hand stamp from the greeters at the front gate.

What if it rains?
The Faire is open rain or shine. No refunds or rain checks are offered. Almost all Entertainment Acts will continue in rain or shine. Many performers have unique shows they only perform in the rain!


What is a Renaissance Faire?

A Renaissance Faire is a recreation of a Renaissance or Medieval village. They are filled with costumed actors, crafts and games to give patrons the illusion that they have stepped back in time. 

 RFO has 4 stages offering a variety of entertainment all day long.  In addition, we will dazzle you with a fully armored joust, the entourage of Princess Marie de Guise, amazing arts and crafts, delicious food, music, dance,  games, and the cast of RFO in the streets all day long. Join us for a day of play!

I purchased tickets through Paypal, what do I use as my ticket?

The Paypal receipt you received via email is your ticket.  Bring it with you to the front gate.  You can also show a copy of the receipt on your phone.  

How much is parking?

Parking is FREE!  There is a designated parking area for our patrons. 

Do you accept credit cards?
The Front Gate accepts credit cards to purchase admission tickets. All food and drink merchants only accept cash.  Most merchants in our Marketplace accept credit cards, but each merchant creates their own policy.  

May we bring outside food and drink?
No outside food and drink is permitted – with the exception of ONE single water bottle per person. Infant formula/food is the only other general exception to our rule.

Do I have to come in costume?
No, comfortable clothes are recommended. Many of our guests come in costume and we feel that the whole experience is heightened and more fun when you come dressed to play.

If I wear a costume do I get in for free or at a discount?

Are shoes required?
Yes. Due to safety & insurance requirements all guests are required to wear shoes at all times. Tennis shoes, boots, sandals, flip-flops, etc are all permitted. Bare feet are never appropriate.

Is a kilt appropriate?
We receive this question quite a bit. On one hand, were kilts worn in 1537? Yes. Are most modern kilt patterns period appropriate? No. But even though RFO recreates an English village, our guests should feel free to come however you are most comfortable. In years past we’ve had guests arrive in everything from Roman legionnaire garb through WWII fatigues… and Lord of the Rings through Star Trek. We welcome anyone who is willing to get into the spirit of things and play for a day.

May I bring my (costume) weapon?
All weapons should be sheathed and peace-tied. You may not have exposed steel. Our security team at the entrance gate will assist you if you do not know how to peace tie your weapon.

May I bring my bow & arrows?
Yes. You may bring your bow if it is unstrung, or strung with yarn (or some other line that cannot hold tension). Arrows must be untipped and cable-tied together and secured to the quiver. Our security team at the entrance gate will assist you if you do not know how to peace tie your weapon.

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