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Online Application      

Please pay all online application fees through PayPal.  Send funds to renaissancefaireoftheozarks@gmail.com

Welcome Artisans and Merchants! 

Our  artisans and merchants are a  major focus of our faire.  Here at RFO, we believe that our artisans and merchants row is the key to the continuity of the faire's theme and immersing the patron in the Renaissance experience.  We want our artisans and merchants to feel that they are the citizens of the Village of Crossroads and part of the RFO family.   

What does RFO look for in an artisan and merchant? 

RFO seeks artisans and merchants who create their merchandise by hand.  Who can hawk their wares from market tents filled with fine handcrafted items.  And who can sell history. 

RFO seeks  food vendors who will prepare tasty treats of the time at the Renaissance marketplace where the most delectable food and drink fit for a king will be available to satisfy curious taste buds. Giant turkey legs, fine sausage sandwiches, soup in a bread bowl,  kettle corn, decadent chocolates and fine ales will tempt every appetite!  

Vendor Information

Vendors shall be responsible for creating their own costume attire and booth theme which must comply with the event’s theme. All merchants are required to provide and wear their own Renaissance period or Fantasy garb during festival hours. (Subject to festival committee approval)

Merchants booths must reflect the renaissance theme.  While we prefer period tents, we do allow E-Z ups as long as they reflect the renaissance theme.  No metal should be visible.  

Click here for examples of how E-Z ups can be made to look period.

This is a “soft” faire so vendors must be able to provide their own merchant tent (Subject to management approval). We require that all tents be flame retardant. Manufacturer tag is sufficient. If you made your own flame retardant tent, then you need to bring an expendable piece of fabric for inspection from the Fire Marshall. Each booth must have a clearly labeled sign stating the name of your business displayed on or in front of your tent.

Product Guidelines

Artisan and merchant's  merchandise must fit in with event theme and must be approved by event’s committee. Merchandise will be juried prior to acceptance of application. To be accepted, 90% of your  products must be hand crafted and indicative of the Medieval – Renaissance era in both medium and subject matter. (No plastic, latex or any other non-period type materials) We do allow 10% of your products to be factory manufactured such as fans and parasols.  Merchants will submit a listing of each of their products to be sold on the provided merchandise form. Please be specific. Merchants agree not to sell any items not listed. All merchandise is subject to committee approval. We also request that you either send pictures of your wares, or provide a web address that displays your wares.

If any merchant wishes to include consumable products, they may be subject to additional licensing, insurance, and fees by the Health Department. Please contact us prior to May 1st for further information.

All merchants are strongly encouraged to “Hawk their products”.

Sales Use/WI Tax-ID

Merchants are required to collect taxes on merchandise they sell.  RFO obtains a special events license and sales tax forms are provided for each merchant.  These forms MUST be turned in by 5:30 pm each day of the faire.  If you have an Arkansas Sales Use tax ID number already, please let us know on your application.  

Unique Products Desired

In order to avoid excessive competition or repetitive products or themes, we will attempt to limit the number of artisans and merchants selling the same type of products.  However, RFO cannot promise exclusivity to any one merchant.  

Time is of the Essence

The first applicant will have priority over later applicants. Please download the Vendor Application and return it to us with the appropriate documentation as soon as possible. Thank you!



Download the 2018 Vendor Application Here 

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